"Numbers have an important story to tell. They rely on you to give them a clear & convincing voice "-Stephen Few


Power Dash Analytics consists of a cohort of highly skilled consultants that are able to mine large amounts of data, perform complex data-intensive analyses and model complex decision problems. Our ability to identify the relevant data within an organization, and our extensive experience with various technical tools that manage, analyze and present large data sets provides our clients with the most robust capabilities in the industry.

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Dr. Quincy Jones MD, PgDip, MPH, MSc:

With a solid statistical background ,Quincy primarily works on analytic models of decision making and administrative data analysis for our clients. He is a London School of Economics and Chevening alumnus, who has won several international and locally recognized awards for social service and innovation.

" Analytics, innovation, strategy and the understanding that success is not the tale of 'the lone warrior' is what I bring to my professional environments."

Mr. Anton Kwang BSc. CPDC :

He has a Bsc. in Chemistry, several CPDC's & over 10 years experience in the food manufacturing sector with a passion for data analytics and web applications development. Anton focuses on industrial KPI dashboards analytics, data mining and integration of  Web based Applications for the digitization & management of records.

"I am committed to finding solutions which will  empower clients to harness their data to make data driven decisions, improve business outcomes and accelerate high performance."

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