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Search Engine Optimization

Bring your business to the forefront as we organically grow its visibility to give you more hits on popular search engines.

Database Development & Optimization

We help you to meet the challenge of data storage that is efficient, scalable and flexible in an increasingly complex business environment.

Dashboard Reporting

Let's help you showcase your success, visualize opportunities, and measure and monitor performance at  a click.

Decision Modelling | Custom Analytics

We provide quantitative and qualitative methods that can help decision makers to structure and clarify difficult problems and to explore the implications of pursuing different policy or business options.

Data Quality & Management

Our approach is built on research and principles developed over a number of years by academics, statisticians, demographers and data users. Thus we are able to help you maintain quality data to power decisions. 


Knowing where people and things are and their relationship to each other is essential for informed decision-making. We use Comprehensive location-based information to help your organization develop strategic priorities, make decisions, and measure and monitor outcomes.

Verbatim Analysis

To provide key insights, we can take feedback from your clients and turn it into actionable information that gives a clear and quantifiable picture. 

Statistical Analysis 

We provide powerful robust analysis and amazing graphics to help you better understand your data.

                     TIME MANAGEMENT & PAYROLL

Turning DATA Into Intelligent DECISIONS

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